The Tularosa Basin Gallery is the Largest All Photography, All New Mexico Gallery in the State. Don't Miss It!

Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography is currently exhibiting the 2016 New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest Winners.
There are 22 winning photographs this year, chosen from over 1,500 photos submitted. The five categories for the winners are Landscape, Animals, Detail, Only in New Mexico and Mobile. All photos have been taken in New Mexico The Exhibition will remain at the Gallery through the end of September.

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IMAGING NEW MEXICO Every photograph by one of our exceptional photographers captures the uniqueness of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. It’s not just a document, but a personal statement, filtered through the creativity and vision of a talented photographer. These outstanding images each contain a subliminal message which resonates, triggering a cascade of memories. A glance at the wall, and what you experience is not a snapshot, but a gateway to your imagination. And it's all available to you the customer.  Imagine that!

To promote the unique beauty of the State of New Mexico through photography – highlighting the State’s varied cultures, geography, wildlife, sun rises and sunsets that have drawn photographers and artists alike to the state. All the photography in the Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography has been created in New Mexico and has, therefore, been determined by the State to be “NEW MEXICO TRUE”.

To provide an inviting space where photographers can present individual interpretations of this, their home state.  It is one of the largest photography galleries per square foot in the entire State.

To make images of New Mexico available in a variety of processes (traditional black and white – digital prints – and alternative processes), all at reasonable prices and in a range of sizes.

To offer workshops for beginning photographers as well as for experienced and professional image makers and to provide field trips to explore the surrounding Tularosa Basin area in search of unique photography experiences.

2016 New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest Exhibition Preview, January 27th, 2017

For the 3rd Consecutive year the Tularosa Basin of Photography will exclusively host an Exhibition of the Winners of the 17th Annual New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest
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Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography
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Featured Photographer
Michael Mock,  Albuquerque New Mexico

MICHAEL MOCK: “Perhaps I was launched, not delivered, from my mother's womb.  Perhaps that would explain my life's unpredictable trajectory. Among other pursuits, I've been a carny, a cowboy, a consultant and very nearly a cleric.  Moving from place to place and from experience to experience, I've always absorbed details about my natural and built environments and inhabitants.  Since owning my first box camera as a child and then moving to Polaroids, 35mm and now digital, I've captured some of those details in camera as well as in my mind

“From the landscapes of Ohio factories and farmland to South Dakota prairies and ranches; from Oregon's seacoast to New Mexico's high desert, the light has been different and my exposure longer or shorter. But every snapshot, whether mechanical or mental, contributed to the evolving raw image I am today.  It is, I hope, nowhere near its final edit

“With time, photography has helped me understand not just my surroundings but also who I am as a person. I've come to know there are new revelations around almost every bend, over every fence, under every heavy sky and in every bright reflection...especially those waiting to surprise me if I take a moment to turn around.  I am self taught but owe much to artists and photographers past and present, especially Eliot Porter, whose images – like the words of John Muir – spoke to me long before I understood their message... READ MORE