The Tularosa Basin Gallery is the Largest All Photography, All New Mexico Gallery in the State. Don't Miss It!

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IMAGING NEW MEXICO Every photograph by one of our exceptional photographers captures the uniqueness of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. It’s not just a document, but a personal statement, filtered through the creativity and vision of a talented photographer. These outstanding images each contain a subliminal message which resonates, triggering a cascade of memories. A glance at the wall, and what you experience is not a snapshot, but a gateway to your imagination. And it's all available to you the customer.  Imagine that!

To promote the unique beauty of the State of New Mexico through photography – highlighting the State’s varied cultures, geography, wildlife, sun rises and sunsets that have drawn photographers and artists alike to the state. All the photography in the Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography has been created in New Mexico and has, therefore, been determined by the State to be “NEW MEXICO TRUE”.

To provide an inviting space where photographers can present individual interpretations of this, their home state.  It is one of the largest photography galleries per square foot in the entire State.

To make images of New Mexico available in a variety of processes (traditional black and white – digital prints – and alternative processes), all at reasonable prices and in a range of sizes.

To offer workshops for beginning photographers as well as for experienced and professional image makers and to provide field trips to explore the surrounding Tularosa Basin area in search of unique photography experiences.

2016 New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest Exhibition Preview, January 27th, 2017

For the 3rd Consecutive year the Tularosa Basin of Photography will exclusively host an Exhibition of the Winners of the 17th Annual New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest in January, 2017. Dates to be announced.

Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography
401 12th Street, Box 1131, Carrizozo NM 88301
Thurs., Fri., Sat., Mon. 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm
Telephone: 575.937.1489
Gallery Hours: Thurs. thru Sat. 10am-5pm
Sunday 12 Noon to 5pm
401 12th St., Carrizozo NM-575-937-1489

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Discover Carrizozo, a Modern-Day Story of Survival and an Arts Revival

Carrizozo was born as a railroad town in the early 1900’s. Homes, commercial shops, bars and rooms for rent were built in the architectural style of the time. The railroad still goes through Carrizozo but it no longer stops. Some of the old buildings have disappeared but the ones that remain have become the backbone and anchor the story of the Town’s revival. Historic 12th Street with buildings constructed of adobe and brick have become the new home for a rapidly growing Arts District. 10 yeas ago there were 5 artists who called Carrizozo home. Today there are 25 and increasing, fixing up old buildings and opening the doors to the public.

There are currently 3 galleries on Historic 12th Street is the Malkerson Gallery 408 known for its contemporary art & painting, jewelry, sculptures and hand-crafted items. It is also the Home of the Painted Burros of Southern New Mexico.

Across the street another ‘Only in New Mexico' located in a 2-story building built in 1917. The Tularosa Gallery of Photography displays the works of over 40 photographers from New Mexico. All the photos have been taken in New Mexico. At 7,500 Sq. ft. it is the largest photo gallery in the state.

To complement the art galleries there are several locations to stop by. The Soul of the West Bootique a collection of western lady’s apparel, antiques and redefined furnishings. The store is know for its outstanding collection of men’s and women’s cowboy boots. Get you cowboy on!

The Highway 54 Emporium is home to an old-fashioned general store that sells a wide spectrum of things you just can’t live without.

During you visit take a break at 12th Street Coffee, a terrific little coffee shop where you can sit, sip and relax between your gallery visits. Discover More about Carrizozo...


Featured Guest Photographer
Ken Hoffman, Tiburon California
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KEN HOFFMAN: Most of the landforms in New Mexico were formed during the Cretaceous Period some 145 million years ago. The region was then covered by vast inland seas where layers upon layers of mud, sand and plant and animal remains were deposited on the ocean floor. Over the many millions that followed, the waters receded and the landforms were eroded into the configurations we observe today.

Photographing the New Mexico landscape is a spiritual experience for me. I love the desert and I have come to appreciate the many variations of desert terrain, flora and fauna in the state. The desert and the mountains are quiet and still, evoking a meditative state. If is my goal in photographing New Mexico to capture not only the physical beauty of the landforms, but the spiritual essence as well. I intend to keep traveling, keep discovering and keep photographing this wonderful land.

All my photography is film based utilizing a Chamonix large format camera. I work exclusively in black and white and I develop and print in my own darkroom. Nothing is manipulated digitally.